Tuesday, September 27, 2011

calms before storms

In War : Resolution,

In Defeat : Defiance,

In Victory : Magnanimity,

In Peace : Goodwill.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A man and the confession

He never thought that he will confess that words directly. As a human being, he was recognized as a very brutal and mean person. But for the woman he loves, he became very gentle and also shy person. This story starts when he went out with that girl to watch “nurkasih the movie” together. Throughout the road to the movie, they were chatting about anything .

A few moments later, they took a break and continued their stories. That girl didn’t even know what the real intention of that man. She kept wondering what will happened next. In nervous position, blur mind, with less action, Nothing much to do and keep on talking. And sometimes she asked him why he still looks nervous and shaky to answer any question from her. Deep from the heart, confession plan. He tried to drag the time so he can calmly confess. Sometimes, he asked the beautiful girl if she wants to order any desert. Just to make time longer. try to hide his nervous, he grabbed a spoon tightly to confess. It took about two hours for him to arrange his words. They were in a restaurant, Not just normal restaurant, it is a very special restaurant where is Very Memorial place for them.

When the time comes, he finally confessed to the girl. “sebenarnya aku sukakan kau” that is the confession he made. He worried if his love just an unrequited love. Unexpectedly, the girl told him that she had fallen in love since the 1st meeting, but scared to confess and tell. She thought that guys just prefer hot girls, not like her who is humble and courteous person. Even the girl is older than him, he still to hook up with her. Because of one reason: LOVE. He was taking a deep breath after he expressed his feeling. His Heart beats turned normal and the girl sit on the chair speechless. Both of them feel just like staying in paradise where only they are alone without any distraction, interruption and disturbance.

At the last moment, they were walking side by side, and keep talking together… Like a saying those, Love from one side hurts, but love from two sides heals. When your turn comes, don’t miss it. Grab it!!...