Saturday, November 19, 2011

i don't know

Am I do anything right? No, you don’t”. Some people always ask this question because of unacceptable reasons. They feel guilty doing something oppose from their real attitude. Night clubs, free fights, free clothing, making a mess and anything that related to these examples. They always feel bored, don’t have motive, lack of attitude and always alone. Why? They experience their life is just a life, nothing challenging, to them it’s a just simple life, feel stressed because of work and fed up with friends. This is happening to me. When I think of these, I realize that I need someone who can take away all the burdens from me and fill up my imbalance space. The person that I need is someone who can give me motivations and support when I’m in trouble. But I still doubt that I need to have a courtship with girl or not. I don’t want to make a girl always cry and listen to my problems then; I always leave her for my work. I abandon her because I am busy. That’s why this question forced out from my mind “am I do anything right?” and I answered this question myself “no, you don’t”.

So, next question is out. “What I really need for my life?” so the answer is “I don’t even know”. This is because life doesn’t have a vision and mission to be realized if you are giving up for your life. It is better to say that to yourself. To rise up your aspiration, what you need to do is always share the problems with the person who care. Not the person you need. Either they are friends or family. Then, you should have a tide relationship with god (ALLAH) and Never far away from HIM. Reciting the Al-Quran, always remember what is allowed and prohibited for you. Try to behave in all actions. Always praying and do all the good deeds. The needs of your life will come out if you realize the purpose of your life. I hope…