Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A part-time killer.

“Once a soldier, always soldier”, this quote had always been in his mind to work in any kinds of pressure. With full-hairy sniper looks, a “glock pistol” on his waist and a sniper-gun on his back, he is done with his work not in a soldier area, but in looking for something new; a part-time killer. He gets job if someone offers a big mission to him. He is capable to work in every condition like urban areas, jungles and even in swamps. He had been trained for a long time. We can’t ensure and assume for how long he had been capable and expert in this area.

He was born alone, as an orphan, without knowing who his parents were. Since he was a child, he was adopted by someone known as, Mr. Bambang. He never knew,whino is Mr. Bambang, Mr. Bambang taught him how to survive and kill silent. When he was 12 years old, Mr. Bambang taught him a lot. One of them is how to be a pickpocket. He trained a lot to be an expert pickpocket in all situations, in crowded place, in soundless place and even in bus-stop. He had to learn how to stay alive, but that does not mean, he is a bad guy. Then, he tried to unlock the bolt. It doesn’t matter if the bolt is made with reel steel, equipped with combination numbers, high security observations, he still manage to succeed. Mr. Bambang taught him martial arts, not only Brazilian jiujutsu, but also Karate’s, Judo, swords fighting and other self-defense art. During childhood, he had already experienced all sorts of fights in “the ring”. He doesn’t know the meaning of afraid, scare, and the meaning of useless. He still fights even though he suffered critical-wound. His adversaries, not only the same age, yet older and stronger than him, he can still fights and beat them.

Ten years later, Mr. Bambang died, he was killed by an assassin. Before Mr. Bambang died, he revealed the person who killed him. Mr. Bambang was killed by an expert assassin, not a guy but a woman, Farah; Farah was known as “the ocean”, a woman who had been taught to kill without any usage of weapon. He knew the blurry-face of the killer thus he kept his revenge, and someday his vengeance will be paid.

After two years, he got a mission through email. Looking through the email, he saw several pictures of the prey, startled!! A recognized face by him; Farah, unrequited revenge for the one that took good care of him. He prepared the glock pistol, sniper-gun and knife, later the place and the date was set up and the killing night started. He walked on the street, with the gear on him, wearing the black suit without any mask. He went up to the roof setting up the entire weapon there. Then, he lied down and prone on the place, waiting for the prey. The clock was ticking, waiting for her. A few hours later, the targeted person showed up and spotted. His eyes were trailing her gesture from a distance, unconsciously he fell in love with her. Her face looks familiar with a Korean appearance. She has a half-closed eye, and she also wears a hood. Once she opened her hood her long gloomy hair waived down, as she walks in elegance, like one of those nights, the night of the cloudless, climes and starry skies. But a mission is always a mission. He was already in his position, holding his breath and “booffff”, he shot. Unfortunately, his shot missed and Farah escaped. He tried to shoot for the second time, but he failed. For the first time in his carrier, he failed to accomplish a mission.

He went back home and kept thinking about her. He can’t sleep, that night was the night of miserable, longing and loneliness for him. The prey he was about to killed, the lady she wrongly fell for, this time he was confused, either changed to a normal life or as a professional assassin. He really wants to live with the person he loves but he cannot change his life in a night. It was like the destiny has chosen him to undergo life in that way. He stalked her whereabouts, her true job and so on. He found the place she lives and trailed her job. She worked as an executive secretary in an international company. He was surprised and wondered how an educated and a carried woman still want to be involved in this dangerous and struggling life. There was a contradiction of the type of career and life she had and what kind of life he had that makes him bombarded with assassination of people to continue life. He was just a street kid, who learned how to live and survive. To be continued…

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